What you need to think about when sending tracks to mix:

1. Send ONLY the tracks you want mixed

Of course you can send several tracks of the same chorus (for example)  if you think it would sound nice to have them all in the mix, or if you can´t choose which is best of several tracks, but just don´t send a ton of backup takes as well.

2. Name all audio tracks

(for example: Kick, Snare, Guitar 1, Guitar 2, etc.)

3. Send tracks recorded in 48 khz and 24 bit depth. (If possible)

I will of course mix tracks recorded in 44 khz and 16 bit depth as well, but I prefer the above.

4. Make sure all tracks start at the same time.

Otherwise you will need to write me an e-mail explaining where each track will start in the mix.

5. Program drums?

First of all, a few words about this as it is a debated subject.

Programmed drums has become really, really authentic in the last years as most drum software (for example EZdrummer) is using real drum samples recorded and mixed by pros.

Many bands release albums, EP´s and singles using ONLY programmed drums, for example Meshuggah used it on their album "CatchThirtyThree" way back in the day, Devin Townsend used it on "Ziltoid the Omniscient", and also bands such as Periphery and Animals as Leaders to mention a few newer bands.

With that said I can understand why many bands hesitate or don´t want to try it, but it´s really cost effective and makes the recording process so much easier and faster to handle, definitely something to consider if you are in a band that is ju starting out OR just need a few songs for a demo/EP etc.

So, if you want drums programmed:

Either send me a midi track that you have programmed drums with, or a track of real drums that you want programmed.

I can also program the drums for you, but you will need to send me some form of recording of the drums being played that I can use as reference - and BPM (tempo) of the song in question. (You can probably just record your drummer playing with an iPhone or simple handheld recording device. As long as I hear the basics of what´s being played)