Mix & Master



I offer recording for bands that live close to or can come to Kungsbacka Sweden, about 15 minutes outside of Gotheburg.


Do you have a song recorded but not mixed? Or are you going to record but don´t know where to mix? Send me an e-mail and we can discuss your project.


Have an album or songs that you need mastered? Send me an e-mail and we can discuss what you need.

Studio Meltdown is the small studio with the big sound located in Kungsbacka, (15 minutes outside of Gothenburg ) Sweden, with a focus on recording, mixing and mastering Rock and Metal. It´s run by me, Kenny Boufadene, 33 years old musician/producer/sound engineer originially from Gothenburg Sweden, now living in Varberg with my wife Catrin and two daughters.

I can professionally mix and master your songs and albums as I have done with bands like We Are The Catalyst, Manimal, Tears of a Fallen Hero, The Chuck Norris Experiment, One Without, Labirr, Flight of Icarus, Järnrock, Corrosive, and more.

I decided pretty early on in my musical career that I wanted to learn how to mix myself, since I was always dissapointed in the way other people mixed and mastered my music, not really listening to what I/my bands wanted, and instead focusing on what THEY wanted, thought was best etc.

This has lead me to always do my best to listen to what my clients want, and not merely mix how I want it to be, as so many others seem to do. I want my clients to be happy and be returning customers! :)

Besides working in my studio I am a guitarist, bassist, screamer/growler/vocalist, songwriter and producer.

I am currently in two bands, We Are The Catalyst (Alternative Metal/Modern Metal) and Manimal (Heavy Metal).

I was also the former growler/guitarist of the now disbanded Modern Metal band One Without.

I studied music and sound engineering for three years in Upper Secondary School and spent a few months in 2012 interning with Pontus Hjelm of Dead By April in his Studio PH in Gothenburg. My main goal at the time was to learn how to mix music so I could mix my own tracks, but as time went by and I got better, friends and aquaintances asked if I could help them out as well, and so I expanded my studio to work with others as well, and at this point I am now in a place where I can focus a lot of my time solely on studio work! 

Don´t hesitate to contact me with any questions, or if you have a special project you want me to work on, but want to discuss more!

I would prefer if you booked me up a few months in advance to when you want your project to be done, as I am sometimes out touring!

Listen to the examples above to hear what I can accomplish, and if you are interested in working with me, shoot me an email on the "contact" button above and describe your project and I´ll give you a price suggestion! :)